Epic Tale Of Balls - Episode Select!

ETOB is a comic by Z_AXIS404 about a guy named Tom having an epic venture through the wacky epic world hes in. Not much else to say... Will he find the epic and legendary balls? Will he find out the secrets behind the shitty softwares he has??? Find out.... LATER!!!!!! ♥♦♣♠♥♦♣♠♥♦♣♠

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ETOB IS OFFICIALLY 1 YEAR OLD!!! Check out the youtube video for it!!

The Staticals · ETOB Anniversary OST

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Check out the MANY ETOB Extras! (sequels, prequels and spinoffs

Episode 1 - Big Stupid Morning

Episode 2 - Sky High on Life

Episode 3 - Group Circle (Ft. Wented??)

♥♣♦♠♥♦♣♠ more coming soon!!!