The COMICS!!!!!

Heres the comics we have on here. Favorites like Better With Wented get updated reasonably frequently. you can even ask blueshirt (me) himself on the discord to add YOUR comic!!! (if its good)

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A guy named Wented has never had problems in his ectopian city, but everything will change forever.

(created by bluesh1rt and his friends on discord)

A young random idiot named Tom goes on a tale... featuring epic things, and also balls.

(created by axis404 and the rest of the blue and yellow club)

Random funny comics involving incidents or funny little things which are funny!!

(created by bluesh1rt and his friends on discord)

A weird little dude named XD travels through incredible lands on an incredible journey... i think.

(created by weirdgrunkovic and other people)

more coming soon! check out the discord for notifications on uploads.!!!!!!!