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So.. you wanna make an EPIC COMIC, huh??????

well, theres your first problem. you WANT to make a comic. you dont NEED to make a comic. you dont make comics for popularity (sometimes), money (sometimes) or something that isnt about PASSION (sometimes). you make comics for YOU and for EVERYONE else across the world... if you believe this sounds cool, then you might wanna keep reading.


you cant have a comic without an idea. always had a plot for some type of show or book youve always wanted to make?? that can be a comic... it can be episodic, random or literally anything you want.


you will definitely need art, and sometimes music. there are good tools for beginner digital artists, such as ms paint or even paint 3d, which are already on a windows computer. something more useful would be along the lines of aseprite or ibis paint, which are both technically free (libresprite is open source, ibis paint is on mobile). simple music tools like beepbox or bandlab are pretty good. you can move up to fl studio if you really want to..


you need a name, a long description and a short description, a logo, and some other things. reminder that i will ALWAYS help you with LITERALLY ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! music, art, ideas, writing, LITERALLY. ANYTHING.

you get the idea. now once you have at least the name and or story thought up, all you have to do is dm me on discord (bluesh1rt). ill help you with, once again, ANYTHING. dont be nervous to say shit, im not your father figure and im not your hot crush, i am not intimidating. i am a PRODUCER and a FRIEND. just dont be shy.....

once you finally have the actual comic, you have to make pages. once you make a page, you just send the page to me and the text that goes along with it, and i will just update the comic (its actually easier to do than you probably think..). heres an example of what will NOT happen if you dont update for a long time:

see?? everything is fine..

welp, thats basically it. you have joined the epicomics family, and by now, have possibly joined my large friend circle since theyre also involved in the site. i will also do ports to other sites such as ms paint fan adventures (NOT WEBTOON. YOUR COMIC WONT SURVIVE ON THAT LAME ASS COMEDY SLICE OF LIFE MANGA LAND. and also putting text onto an image is really annoying.). you can always tell me for any reason at all, that you do not want the comic up anymore, and i will take it down, but i will not delete it. it will be visually inaccessable to site users, but typing the url will link to it since deleting entire pages is a hassle.

if you just read through this entire thing with no actual intention of making a comic, thats ok. but you ALWAYS can. you arent gonna be overtaken by the better or larger comics since being creative is sometimes all you need to be a favorite.

guides over. theres only one thing left to do...


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